Our Vision

Our goal is to provide the industry and it’s consumers with innovative alternatives to the traditional structure of natural health products. Our approach, like a trident, has three prongs. ECO PACKAGING, our patented BULK DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, and  QUALITY STANDARDS.


Eco Packaging

We firmly believe that as residents of the environment it is our duty to act faithfully as stewards. In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment we supply our products in two forms. The first being our patented bulk bins for the distribution of dietary supplements. These UV protected bins dispense into opaque film bags and focus on the reduction of traditional plastic and glass bottling packaging. At the end of this bags life it can be down-cycled, and if it ever, hopefully never, found its way into a landfill it would be minimally invasive in its spatial impact. The second being our Mylar packaging that focuses entirely on the reduction of impact on landfills. This light and flexible material uses less PET material than the cap of a standard bottle/glass solution and lays flat at the end of its life cycle.

Bulk Distribution System

As you browse your local health food store you realize most of everything you desire can be purchased in bulk. One of the exceptions being dietary supplements – but what if you could? That was the thought of Mark James, our Co-Founder and CEO, who created the patented distribution system of VitalBulk®. Our revolutionary UV protected distribution system works to minimize environmental impact while simultaneously reducing the cost of dietary supplements. These systems distribute product into opaque film bags which eliminate the costly impact of traditional bottling solutions and lower the carbon footprint per pill. Customers also save money by using dispensers as they are allowed to invest as much, or as little, funding into their daily supplement needs.


Quality Standards

VitalBulk®’s goal is to provide innovative quality free of compromise. In an effort to achieve our goals at VitalBulk, we have robust and rigorous quality standards. Each and every raw material, packaging component, procedure, and finished good undergo severe scrutiny.  This ideology has lead us to stay at the forefront of the natural product industry by transitioning our entire line to a magnesium stearate free formulation. The sheer effort to move forward with this proposition may seem daunting but it is entirely worthwhile to provide our customers with the cleanest possible product. We firmly believe that that this goal is in line with the basic fundamentals of superior quality – to provide a product that doesn’t just “get the job done” but excels in its function based on its design. We see that our standards are not an end but merely the beginning of persistent innovation.