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Last Update: March 22, 2020


This cookie policy explains what cookies are used for and how VitalBulk, Inc. uses them on our websites. We published this policy to allow VitalBulk, Inc. to be transparent and open with our visitors about the information we collect and the information that may be used to provide an acceptable platform for you. By using this website and any other VitalBulk domain you are agreeing that we can use cookies in accordance with this policy.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device. They are used to help websites work in more efficient ways and to provide a better service to our visitors. VitalBulk uses cookies to enhance your unique browsing experience while shopping online. For instance, cookies help us remember your log-in details, what items may be in your shopping cart and other various events that occur during your visit.


Cookies can be in different forms such as session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies are used for things like measuring page views or assisting with shopping carts and typically are deleted from your device after you close the web browser. Persistent cookies tend to stay and be more permanent on your device that allow us to obtain certain details that you may have previously provided, such as a user ID or log in details if you ask to be remembered for ease of use. VitalBulk, Inc. websites and services may use both session and persistent cookies during your visit to any of our websites or pages.


VitalBulk, Inc. may also use other types of cookies including functionality cookies, analytical cookies and marketing cookies.


-          Functionality cookies are used to recognize the user and respond with personalized content for you during your visit.

-          Analytical cookies help us record how users interact with our website and allow us to make our website experience more relevant to the user. It allows us to collect information about your use of the site, helping to improve the services we provide. For example, analytical cookies help show us the most visited pages, difficulties with page load times, patterns of overall usage, which links are clicked and other data that provides information on your use of the site.

-          Marketing Cookies are used for advertising purposes to help track targeted ads and digital campaigns.


Below is a list of all 3rd party websites or applications VitalBulk uses and a link to their privacy policy that may place cookies on your device or have access to certain information:


Google Analytics/Adwords -

BigCommerce -

MailChimp -

Facebook Pixel -

Justuno -

Beeketing -


To manage cookies, you will need to access your browser’s security or privacy settings. From there you may accept, refuse or remove any cookies from the site. You also have the ability to clean out any cookies left behind from any website in the browser settings. Most browsers are able to manage cookies, and if needed, help disabling or removing cookies can be found within your internet browsers website or help page. Please note that if cookies are removed or disabled, features on our website may not operate correctly or as intended.


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