Cal-Mag Drink Kit

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This Cal-Mag Drink Kit includes the following items:

1 VitalBulk 16 oz. Glass


Calcium Gluconate 9% -  16 oz.

Active Ingredients:  Calcium (as Calcium Gluconate 9%) 900mg.  Other Ingredients: None.


Magnesium Carbonate 29% - 2 oz.

Active Ingredients: Magnesium (as Magnesium Carbonate 29%) 185mg. Other Ingredients: None.


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - 32 fl oz.

Active Ingredients: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Other Ingredients: None.


Reviews (7)

Mike W. 13th Sep 2019

Product is exceptional; packaging could improve slightly

First off, the quality of the actual vitamins in this kit is exceptional. Don't bother going with any other brand or source. Get this, it's worth it; the minor annoyances I have with the packaging are more than outweighed by the product quality. I also want to mention that the price is very good. Actually, I've gotten three of these kits now (including the cup!) because at the time I checked, the kit is very slightly cheaper than getting the ingredients of the kit separately. And of course, the kit comes with the nice cup and the printed (waterproof) directions to prepare the cal-mag drink. :) Now, about the packaging. Two points: 1. Good job on including a scoop for the Calcium and Magnesium pouches! However, the scoop for the magnesium is so shaped that it is very difficult to actually get a full scoop. The measure of the scoop is correct, but the head of the scoop is cylindrical, taller than it is wide, so the magnesium powder tends to leave "pockets" of air at the bottom of the scoop, thus throwing off your measurements. Because of this, I never use the included scoop for magnesium; I use a metal measuring spoon of the same size, but with a hemisphere shape (plus handle, of course). The calcium scoop included is a hemisphere shape and works perfectly; it would be great if a hemisphere-shaped scoop could be included for the magnesium, too. 2. The ziploc "lock" on the bags tends to come off after a while (say, a dozen times opening it) so that the bags are thereafter impossible to seal. This can be avoided by being extra gentle/careful while opening the bags, but it would be nice if I didn't have to worry about this so much. (When this happened, I put the bag inside of a larger ziploc bag to keep it airtight.) 3. There is no measuring scoop included for the vinegar. Not a big deal, since the calcium scoop is the right size for that anyway, but something to be aware of. I found that even with very hot boiling water it is difficult to make the powder fully dissolve with only 4 oz. of water. I follow the directions meticulously in every respect but this point: I use a little bit more than the specified amount of boiling water, so that the powder will actually fully dissolve after stirring (and yes, I mix it with the vinegar for several minutes before adding the water, as directed). I find that adding boiling water to the included cup up to around the middle of the VitalBulk logo works best. (And then top off with cold water after stirring, to get a nice "warm tea" temperature.) Enjoy your Cal-Mag drink. :)

Brett 22nd Jul 2019

Cal-Mag Drink Kit

I have been using Cal-Mag for over 30 years. This kit and the other products available from VitalBulk are the best quality and best tasting. I highly recommend this company and their products.

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